Tencent Gaming Buddy key mapping not working – Step by step Guide

With a new update, The Tencent Gaming Buddy key mapping is not working well for so many users. In this Guide, you will be known the best and 100% Working method to fix the key mapping in Tencent Gaming buddy and Gameloop. Most people do not feel well while playing games on their phones with a small screen So, Tencent Gaming Buddy and Gameloop is the best way to play Mobile games on your computer. Not only that it can provide mobile games a better way than mobiles itself. (Stop Playing – Start Gaming!)

In case if you are not happy with your Gameloop then you can actually download the KR version of Pubg which provides you better Gameplay and more exciting prizes. Click the link

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Is Tencent Gaming Buddy and Gameloop the same?

Basically, due to their evolved brand positioning, They have now announced that they have rebranded Tencent Gaming Buddy to Gameloop which is a new look, and also reflects their future visions. So Simply they are the same but Gamingloop is an Updated one. Moreover, they beyond being an outstanding android gaming emulator.

Best way Tencent Gaming Buddy key mapping not working

Step 1. First thing first, Open up your Gameloop or Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Click the app to open Pubg

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    Pubg Mobile
Step 2. Reset your controls twice
  • In the Lobby open up the settings
  • Now you will see the controls option, Click on it
  • On the controls section just click the reset button.
Step 3. Select your Keymapping Mode 
  • For selecting key mapping you will need to restore down (Simply click the F Button) the Game-loop page
  • Then click the keyboard option
  • Now you will see
Step 4. Clear Cache on your Gamloop
  • To clear the cache simply click the clear cache button on the top right corner.
Step 5. Restart your Game
  • After clearing the cache the game will shut down automatically but you have to close it all the way down
  • To do that click the arrow button on the bottom right corner (on the dashboard)
Step 6. Select the HD Version
  • Now when you start the game you will see two option
  • Select the HD Version

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Finally, You are done with your Tencent Gaming Buddy key mapping not working. Reset the controls again just to make sure if there is any cache on your Gameloop. Hope you have found this article helpful.

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