PUBG Game System Requirements For PC, iPhone, Samsung

“PUBG GAME SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR PC, iPhone, OR SAMSUNG”  As you know Pubg Mobile game is one of the famous games on the internet. So, we can say that Pubg mobile can be one of the most played games. So, you should know all the requirements and what is the best device to play Pubg with. Basically, the Pubg Mobile game was designed only for mobile devices, but now we can also play it on our PC easily with the different emulators.

Pubg doesn’t have Cross-platform play

It means that all the platform are matched with there the same platform as if you are playing Pubg on your phone then you’re enemy also will be on the phone. Basically, it means that the phone players will be matched only with phone players and PC players will be matched only with PC players, As with the new updates, maybe you will be able to play cross-platform Pubg mobile with your friends. However, you can play cross-platform Pubg if you send a request.

Pubg mobile game requirement for PC

Before, we start if you want to download Pubg Mobile on your PC just click here! Download Pubg Mobile for your PC Here’s what you will need to play Pubg on your PC

Operating system Windows 7 or above 64 bits
Processor intel Core i5-4430 AM FX-6300
Memory RAM 8GB
DirectX Version 11
Network Broadband internet connection 1-2 MBPS
Storage available space 30 GB
Graphics Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB

Requirements for Computer System

How much network speed do I need for Pubg Game?

Now the Network plays an important role, Which connects you with the whole world or with your friends. The minimum amount of internet to play Pubg should be 1-2 MBPS otherwise, you can face so much lack on your game

Which OS should I pick?

So, your operating system should be at least 64-bits of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. however, you can play Pubg on windows 7 but it might be not so good as Windows 10

What processor should be?

Your processor should be intel core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300, or if you want a pro gaming and earn money with it. So, you also have a choice to get Intel Core i5-7600k Or AMD Ryzen 5-1600

How much should be the RAM?

Your Memory should be at least 8GB of RAM or even better. Basically, RAM which stands for Random access memory is an important component in determining your system’s performance. It stores the information from your PC when your computer is actively working. So, it can be easy to be accessed

Which version should I use? 

Basically, DX 11 is the shorthand for DirectX 11. It is the latest generation of what is known as an application programming interface. So, this will interface governs the relationship between the multimedia hardware on your system. However, If you want to check your DX Version, you can easily check by opening RUN (windows button + R) software on your windows then type dxdiag and finally click Yes!

NOTE: In case if you face a Storage problem you can check our new( Blog )where we will teach you how to clear all the temp files from your PC.

Pubg mobile game requirement for Android

The Recommended system you should have for playing Pubg mobile on your Android phone

best phones for pubg game
Best phones for Pubg Mobile game
Memory/RAM 2GB
Android 5.1 or above
Internet 1-2 MBPS or better

NOTE: The internet 1-2MBPS is good enough to play the Pubg game. So, keep in mind that the Internet should be fast enough to run the Pubg game easily.

Pubg mobile game requirement for iOS

You can play Pubg game on your iPhone without any doubts if you have an iPhone like:

iPhone From iPhone 6 till iPhone 12 Pro Max all of them are good to play Pubg Game 
iPad From 5th generation up to the latest 8th generation
iPod touch From 6th generation till the latest

Requirements for iPhone

Now the iPhone is a good device to play Pubg mobile or other online games without any problem. However, you should have a good internet connection

PUBG Game System Requirements for iphone

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