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How to uninstall Game Loop – Step by Step Guide

Tencent Gaming Buddy is known as Game Loop. Tencent Gaming Buddy is an emulator for PC to play Mobile games on PC devices So, we can easily play many games with an emulator like Pubg Mobile. If we talk about security than It’s 100% safe to play Android Games on the laptop but, Sometimes it doesn’t work correctly or you just don’t want it anyway. So, How to uninstall Game Loop forever! All this in this tutorial.

 Is Tencent Gaming Buddy / Gameloop a Virus

No, Tencent Gaming Buddy isn’t a virus. It might cause some problems or doesn’t work correctly, In some cases, it’s just because we download it from the wrong place. So, make sure to download it from its actual source. Tencent Gaming Buddy Official Website

How to uninstall Game Loop in Windows 7

First, we will go with Windows 7 and then Windows 10

Get your job done in this few easy steps:

Step 1.

  • Click the Start button on the bottom of your PC
  • Click on the Control Panel option

How to unistall apps

Step 2.

You need to close the game loop completely from your PC.

If your category is in small icons change it to the Category form. You can change it from the top right corner of the Control panel.


  • Click on the Uninstall a program,
  • Select the game loop option to uninstall it
How to uninstall Game Loop
Find the Game-loop option

Step 3. Now you’re ready to uninstall the program. Click the Uninstall button on top of it.

uninstall Gameloop emulator

How to uninstall Game loop from Pc
chose the uninstall option

How to uninstall Game Loop from pc

And wait for a while…

How to uninstall Game Loop
Congratulation now you have completely Uninstalled Game loop

How to uninstall Game Loop on Windows 10

It’s quite same as compared to windows 7 you just need to find an uninstall option. So, to uninstall the program click the start menu. which is at the left bottom side of the display.

  • Click the settings option

How to uninstall Game Loop

  • Then select the apps and features at the left of it
  • Scroll down to find Gameloop uninstall option

How to uninstall Game Loop

and your done. it’s the same process as windows 7


You might face any error while uninstalling Game Loop. So, for just reinstall gameloop and uninstall it. In case if it doesn’t work you can also repair it. chose repair option to repair it and than unistall it.

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