How to Stop Pop-Up ads on windows 10 – Step-By-Step guide

Best way to stop Pop-up ads on windows 8 and 10. Usually, it happens when you install a 3rd party application or go to any 3rd party website. which starts giving you notifications about useless things.

Basically, there are two ways to ends these pop-up ads which are to install an adblocker or to use the below method to block this kind of ad.

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What are the Pop-up ads and why it comes?

Basically, Pop-up ads are a way of advertising their goods But now people also use these ads to rank their blogs. Mostly they use sexy thumbnails for the viewers to click. So, If you having a problem or start getting popups and have recently installed an app, that app you just installed is the culprit. which can go through elimination where you will need to uninstall the app.

Best way to stop pop-ups ads on windows 10

step 1: First thing first, open your Google ChromeGoogle Search Bar, pic, Pictures, Png logo, logo google

Step 2. Secondly, go to your settings

  • To open your settings you will need to click the three dots on the top right corner.
  • Then click the settings button from the menu.

    how to stop ads coming to your PC
    After clicking the three dots, click the settings option

Step 3. Now open the Pop-ups and redirects from your settings

  • To do that you scroll down to find the site settings option, However, you can also find it with the
    How to GET RID of Pop Up Ads on Windows 10
    find it from privacy and security or just scroll down to find the Site Settings option

    Privacy and security which is on the left menus.

  • Now scroll down to the end of the page where you see the Pop-ups and redirects option.

    GET RID of Pop Up Ads in Windows 10
    Click the Pop-ups and redirects option

Step 4. Block or uncheck the toggle

  • You can simply uncheck it and refresh the page.
    How to Stop Pop Ups ads on windows 10
    Simply turn it off, and you are done!


So, this was step-by-step guide tutorial to Stop Pop-Up ads on windows 10, however you can also use it on other windows or Mac. Hope you have found this article useful


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