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How To Recover Wifi Password On Android

How To Change PTCL Wifi Password

How to recover wifi password on android? Wifi password isn’t too hard to remember, but it’s very difficult when your phone is connected to wifi for a long time. So, if you have forgotten your wifi password or just want to recover your saved wifi password, this guide will take you through various ways to connect your wifi.

Android phones have amazing features and they are very good-looking phones but, sometimes it gets stuck or can’t perform as good as other operating systems. So, as you know that Android can’t have the ability to show us saved Wifi password on our android phones. The saved wifi password is stored in the misc, wifi directory, which can only be accessed by using the IP address or if you have the root access.

So, there are many ways to recover the wifi password or just connect

basically, we are going to use the WPS button to connect wifi. In this step, you will need to have your wifi and your phone.

How To Connect Wifi By Scanning a QR Code

Basically, we are going to connect our phone to wifi by scanning a QR code. It is very easy and simple, but you are going to need two phones and one of them should be connected with wifi, and also you are going to need a QR code scanner on your phone. So, you can easily scan the QR code.

Step 1: Open the Settings on your phone

Step 2: Select the Connections / Wifi option

 Now select the “settings” sign on the right. However, you are going to need your friend’s phone for it, cause it should be connected to the wifi.

How To Recover Wifi Password On Android

Step 4: Basically you can see your Network Speed, Security, IP address, and much more information about your connection. So, click the QR code

Here you will the QR code of your connection. So, take your other phone and scan this code!

So, after scanning this code it will show you all the information about your wifi connection

How To Recover Wifi Password On Android with WPS Button

It is too much easy if you can approach your wifi router. Cause you can only find the WPS button on your router.

Step 1. Open your settings on your phone, then click the More option or the three dots option.

Step 2. Simply, click on the WPS push button

How To connect Wifi On Android
How To Recover Wifi Password On Android

Step 3. In this step, it will ask you for the Wi-fi protected setup button which is present on your router. It may be called a WPS or just contain any symbol.How To connect Wifi On Android

However, you need to click your router WPS button to connect your Wifi successfully!

Finally, you are connected to your Wifi successfully.

How To connect Wifi On Android

Tip: You can only use the WPS push button on the old version of Samsung So, have fun!

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