How To Record Screen on Samsung A11

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11, The best way to record screen, and also it will not lack in your game. So, you can play and record HD videos.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A11. A smartphone that has all the essentials you need. It also has a few extras that will 100% satisfy you and You Don’t want to miss any moment with the triple-camera system and you can shoot pro-quality portraits. Now that’s awesome!

Samsung Galaxy A11 is the latest phone from Samsung company, Which is launched on 13, March 2020 and it has been available on the 1st of May in 2020. It has lots of features at such a low price.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11

Now you can record your screen with it’s audio in android of the best recorders for android is Xrecorder.


Over 100 million users and with the 4.7 ratings, This app is best for recording!


It will record all activities done on your phone, and you can record your voice as well. and it also helps you a clean and smooth recording for any gameplay. it records HD videos that can be uploaded without any editing!

The best thing is, It too easy to use just a click to start recording! The best thing is, It too easy to use just a click to start Recording! 

How to use Xrecorder 

  • Install Xrecorder on Playstore | AppStore
  • Enable Xrecorder
  • Enable audio

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11

After installing the app, it will ask you for permission to use space, etc…

After opening Xrecorder. Click ALLOW button

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11

It will take to your settings. ask permission that allows this app to show things on top of other apps your using.

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11To enable the Xrecorder extension to the slider bar, click the three dots as shown in the picture.

Click the button order, and drag the Xrecorder icon to the slide bar with the other options.

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11

You will see the small recorder icon on your screen automatically. That makes a lot easier to use. Just click the icon and click the red icon, In just 3 seconds your screen will start recording every activity done on the screen.

Click the red dot to start recording.

Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11


There tons of applications top record your screen on android phones, Specially on Samsung Galaxy. But, most of the apps only record video. Which means you need to record your voice on any other software

Xrecorder is best and most tursed app where you can easily record your videos and audio at same time!

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