How to Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

How to Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp
Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp in some easy steps

Best way to Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps on the internet. Whatsapp has recently released a new feature for its users. So, with this feature now you can easily send your messages and also you can delete your wrong or unwanted messages at the same time. But, deleting a message will it disappear forever? The answer will be No! Because the message will be on the system however it looks like this.

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However, the receiver can easily be accessed the message by downloading a third-party application. It is very essential for some users to know about the deleted messages and the others don’t care much. To be honest it is very annoying when a person deletes their messages. So, today in this article we are going to talk about How to Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp in such an easy way. Before we start you should know which app we are going to use so, the application we are going to use is Notification History.

Notification History 

It is an amazing application to view the deleted messages. Really it comes with a simple setting that everyone can access and use it. Notification History is a Trusted Application and has no side-effects on your phone. However, it is a free application so it has some ads. Notification History is not only for Whatsapp but it also can be used on Messenger and other messaging applications. The good thing about Notification History is that it has a lot of features and it needs a little bit of space on your phone.


  • It can record notifications on the status bar
  • Read the toasts messages
  • Record USSD messages
  • It can record 0 “flashes” SMS messages
  • It can record all the dialog messages
  • Delete your apps/install/update directly
  • Short messages by apps
  • Group messages by apps
  • you can clear all the notifications
  • it has 24/7 hours time format system
  • You can ignore notification from specific apps like, Google, Chrome, etc
  • It also Supports Search

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Without further ado, This below method is the best trick which will work 100% on all kinds of Systems!

Best Way to Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp
Read Someone’s Deleted Messages on WhatsApp with Notification History

First thing first, open your Google Play Store here you will find Notification History. So, quickly install it.

how to read someone's deleted messages on whatsapp
how to read someone’s deleted messages on whatsapp

After the installation opens the app. Here all you need to enable it on your system.

So, here how it works. When your friend sends you a message and deletes it from WhatsApp, then it will automatically come to your Notification History. And you can easily view the deleted message.


You should enable this app on your Accessibilities and notification which will give it the right to record the messages. otherwise, it will not work. Hope that you have found this article useful, and the comment will appreciate me to write more article like this.

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