How to install Pubg on PC – Step by Step Guide

Today in this article we will show you “How to install Pubg on PC” So, this article will be Step by step guide to download Pubg Mobile on your PC without any third-party apps.

Pubg Mobile For PC

Pubg Mobile is one of the most played games all over the world. The reason this shooting game is so Hit because this game can be played with your friends and online. The best reason is that this game is 1# Mobility. This is the biggest reason behind PUBG Mobile’s success. There were a lot of online games for PC which can be played from everywhere But, Pubg mobile has changed the whole career of online gaming on mobile. Their graphics were good, You can easily contact your friends. No chance of being bored in PUBG MOBILE.

Pubg doesn’t have Cross-platform play. It means that all the platform are matched with there the same platform as if you are playing Pubg on your phone then you’re enemy also will be on the phone. Basically, it means that the phone players will be matched only with phone players and PC players will be matched only with PC players, As with the new updates, maybe you will be able to play cross-platform Pubg mobile with your friends. However, you can play cross-platform Pubg if you send a request.

How to install Pubg on PC

Pubg mobile is too easy to install you just an emulator to run it otherwise, you can’t run it directly. So, we need to install a Gameloop emulator then download the Pubg mobile. Gameloop is one of the best Emulator for Pubg gaming on is not just used for Pubg but, you can play tons of other games in it. Therefore, people are liking this app

  • Search for emulator download it for free
  • Install the emulator on your PC
  • Search for Pubg Game
  • Install it


Download an emulator

Go to their Web, “Gameloop” Click the Download button

How to install Pubg on PC

Wait for a while and check the bottom of the PC

How to install Pubg on PC

Step 2 Open the file and install Gameloop it’s super easy!

Focus on this blue line to be complete!

Once you install your emulator you will be ready to install the Pubg game just click on the Pubg icon

So, after being installed you will be able to play Pubg mobile on the emulator in your PC.

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