How to Install and Activate Snagit on Windows For Free


How to Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows 10 Free? Basically, Snagit is one of the best software to capture an image(screenshot), Snagit not only captures screenshot but also it is a wonderful screen recorder. It can record the whole selected screen of your computer. The best part of Snagit is that it allows you to take a screenshot along with a screen recording at the same time! which made it much easier to inscribe whatever you want to keep it as evidence. However, Snagit has become one of the best screen recorders of 2020 because it not only works on windows but also works on macOS.

It is created and distributed by TechSmith, It is launched in 1990. which was the first screen recorder in 1990 and meanwhile it across over 14 million users all over the world. Snagit is available in four versions such as German, English, Japanese, and Korean.

Does Windows 10 have a Snagit?

No, Windows 10 doesn’t provide us Snagit. However, Microsoft‘s own Snipping tool is included. But, you can use the Snipping tool only for capturing images and you will need another software to record your screen. While Snagit provides both of them. You can easily select wherever you want to screenshot the image on your screen and to record anything on the PC. Furthermore, you can edit your pic and videos at the same time. Now, how cool is that! So, rather than keeping two software for it, why not a single one. It’s like all in one! 

Is Snagit Free?

Let’s make it clear Snagit is not free! you will pay a one-time fee to own to permanently own aversion. However, you can use it for 14 days free trial. But, there are some tricks to use it for FREE! 

How much snagit cost

How to Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows 10 For Free!

How to Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows 10 Free

  • Select your Product

How to Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows 10 Free

  • Select the Version

  • Click the Download button

How to Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows 10 Free

After downloading Snagit you will need to accept the License Terms and select your language then press the Install button.


So, When you click on the install button, It will ask you permission and gives you the warning to allow the following program to make a change to your computer. However, it’s normal just Click Yes!

It might take some time, while it’s installing the program to your PC.

After it becomes complete. then click the Continue button.

NOTE: In case if you already have any software for recording screen or capturing images. So, it will ask you to remove the software before installation. Simply click on the Yes button it will automatically override the existing hotkey assignment to use for Snagit. otherwise, it never showed up!

How to Snagit For FREE!

So, there is two option for the installation to get complete. Sign in to start the Free Trial or Enter Software Key. So, to start up with the free trial, you will be to use Snagit only for 15 days. It will be automatically expired and you will be no longer able to use it. However, you will need to pay for it to use it. So, to use it for free and lifetime you need to choose option 2 and enter the Software key which is given below!

  • Click on the Enter Software Key

Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows

It should be noted, This is the Software Keys to use.

  • R4AMH – 8UP3C – MR4AM – CCAJC – M2678
  • 7MUAC – 53HCH – 98AZ8 – 88F2Z – 7C37R
  • NCUAC – 5DSCQ – 98AR8 – V8RML – 7A4RR
  • 2MUCC – 5DCCP – 98AY8 – V84MM – 742FR
  • NC8CA – 5KGCQ – 98AV8 – V8GEY – 7A8BA
  • 6C8AC – 5DKCQ – 98A68 – V8VXL – W6R5M

NOTE: Just copy a line and paste to unlock bar and click to continue, Now you ready to use Snagit

Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows

Finally, you’re done with the installation of Snagit. You will not able to see their icon just click the setup icon to start recording. However,  for quick access just press the PRTSC/ SYSRQ Button on your keyboard.

Install and Activate Snagit 2020 on Windows


The complete tutorial to install and activate Snagit on your windows pc for free. Now you are able to use Snagit for the whole life-time. So, in case if you have any problem comment below.

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