How To Fix Pubg Emulator Sensitivity Settings

What’s is Pubg emulator sensitivity settings it is all about the controlling, Movement, Rifles recoil, and the Camera Settings of the game. So, How to fix Pubg emulator sensitivity settings. Pubg is known as “Player Unknown Battle Ground” Which is one of the most trending games and has lots of cool features with which you can make your game much easier to play. One of the best features in Pubg mobile is known as Sensitivity Settings. Now when you download Pubg mobile on your system it’s already all set for you and in case if you are not happy with that, You can also customize as per your requirements.

How To Fix Pubg Emulator Sensitivity Settings

As you know you can play Pubg Mobile on your PC by installing an emulator Or download the Official Pubg Emulator for your PC. So, while playing Pubg mobile on your PC the first thing you should know that all the shooting games are dependent on your mouse. You should have control over your mouse. However, you should have lots of practice to be a pro player. Because only practice can make us perfect and even better let’s make the best Pubg emulator sensitivity settings to enjoy Chicken Dinner every match.

Follow these steps to have the best Pubg Sensitivity Settings

Firstly, you should know that you can view your player with TPP and FPP. Now in TPP is that angle where you can actually see your player but in FPP you can’t see your player. and you can switch it anytime you want by clicking the small button on the left side of your controls.


TPP image


FPP image


However, open your settings where you will find your sensitivity settings

Camera Sensitivity (free look),

3rd Person Camera ( Character, Vehicle )

Items PC Players Mobile Players
3rd Person Camera (Character) 200 220
Camera (Parachuting) 100 120
1st Person Camera (Character) 70 85
  • Changing 3rd person camera (character) settings will affect the Speed of Eye option
  • Don’t know about others
Fix Pubg Emulator Sensitivity Settings
Emulator sensitivity settings


Changing these settings will affects the sensitivity of your camera when the screen is swiped without firing

Items Emulator Player Mobile Player
3rd Person No scope 20 275
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 20 160
1st Person No scope 70 105
2x scope 15 37
3x scope 24 27
4x scope 17 17
6x scope 14 15
8x scope 12 12
  • Changing 3rd Person No scope settings will affect the rotation of your player.
  • Changing Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist, and other scopes settings will affect the speed of aiming while you’re firing with your scope. However, you can check this by putting it at zero then go back to your player then aim with the scope, and now try to move it right and left, you will notice that it will become very slow to move.
how to Fix Pubg Emulator Sensitivity Settings
Emulator player

ADS Sensitivity

So, ADS Sensitivity is one of the coolest and very important sensitivity, It is game-changing. Changing these settings will affect the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped while firing, It can be used to keep the barrel down

Items Emulator Player Mobile Player
3rd Person No scope 20 250
1st Person No scope 88 104
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 20 108
2scope 17 50
3X scope, Win94 22 27
4X scope, VSS 17 17
6X scope 12 16
8X scope 8 14
  • Changing 3rd Person No scope setting is very effective, although it is kinda the same with the upper settings it works while firing. Ex, you are running, and then suddenly, there appear 3 enemies in front of you and you wanna shoot them without a scope in a short-range. you start firing from one person to another. you can’t hit them Cause, your rotation will be too slow or too fast.
  • The same case with the other scopes. Ex, put your sensitivity on Zero then aim with your red dot then start firing. While firing you will notice that you can’t aim or move at the right and left

Fix Pubg Emulator Sensitivity Settings


How to prone in Pubg?

Did you have any problem with prone in Pubg? So, go to your settings select any other layout OR you can also fix your Z button in case if it is not working, Look at the right top corner of your emulator their will be an extra board

After clicking on Key Mapping you will see tons of controls on your screen, So, look towards the prone option, Your button is a little bit away from the prone option.

However, just delete the key mapping and click the option and click any button you like to be a prone button.


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