How to Download Pubg Korean version – Download Pubg kr version – step by step guide

Best way to install Pubg mobile Korean version (kr version) and also we will give the link of the official website of Pubg mobile Korean version to download for free!

what is the Pubg KR version?

Basically, there two versions of Pubg Mobile and you can simply pick any of them for free. As you know that Pubg Mobile has been ban for a long time in many countries But most of the players went to the Korean version of Pubg which was open all the time! Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in many countries, fans of the Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) game have been devastated due to its absence.

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Pubg Global Version VS Pubg Korean Version

Now that the players who have the Korean version are actually happier than the Global version one. Because In Pubg Korean version have so many events. You will get more OP prizes in the Pubg Korean version than the Pubg Global version.

Just in case if you want to login into the Korean Version then you will not able to open your Global Version account to the Korean Version Account. So, you have started from the begining.

Like the Global Verison of Pubg Mobile, it comes with different features like new events, better rewards, and it also uses a special currency which is called Donkatsu Medal.

Pubg Global Version

Pubg Korean Version

Quicker Updates(❌) Quicker Updates (✔️)
Better Rewards(❌) Better Rewards (✔️)
Donkatsu Medals(❌) Donkatsu Medals (✔️)

Best way to Download Pubg Korean version

Step 1. Download and install TapTap from its official website

  • To do that go to the Play store/AppStore search for it or you can also use it from Google, However, Click here to move on the Official website of Pubg Korean Version

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NOTE: If you don’t want to install it then just click and you will be sent to the official website.

Step 2. Now you will need to allow the APK to install it on your phone. By giving it permission it will automatically install it from an unknown source.

Step 3. Go to the link and press the Download button.

Step 4. Finally, download the Korean version and Allow all the access on your smartphone

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Here is the final tip. By downloading the Korean version of Pubg Mobile you will not able to open your Global account to the Korean account. This means that you have to go with a new one! But don’t worry cause in the Korean Version they have so many events that you will grow faster without Royale Pass. Hope you have found this article helpful!

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