How to Change tp-link Wifi Password – Step-by-step Guide

The Best and easiest way to change the tp-link password and we this method you can Change the tp-link Wifi Password without rebooting your Router. There are two types of routers, The old routers have single-band wireless connections while the other one has dual-band wireless connections. The dual-band routers provide a wireless network at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. So in this guide, we are going to learn the easiest and the fastest way to Change tp-link Wifi Password
People can also select a different password for both networks. The 2.4GHz can provide a slower internet speed but in a larger range while the 5GHz network has a faster internet speed in a shorter range. That makes each Router different from one another. However, the menu option might differ from each other.
                          How To Change PTCL Wifi Password
                          How to recover or change the Wifi password on your Phone?
How to recover tp-link wifi password in just easy steps
How to recover tp-link wifi password in just easy steps

Best Way to Change tp-link Password

Step 1.  First thing first. Make sure your computer is connected to the Wifi

  • In case if the wireless connection is not working then just go for the direct connection.

Step 2. Login to the Router admin panel by entering the tp-link default IP Address 

  • To do that just copy and paste ( to your Google search bar

    How to recover tp-link wifi password with ip address
    Type the default IP Address on your Google search bar

Step 3. Enter the router’s Username and Password

  • It will admin if the user hasn’t changed it from factory settings.
  • Password and Username are both “admin

    Login to tp link - tp - link -
    Type admin on both section,

Step 4. Click the Wireless Security 

  • You will find it on the left side of the menu
  • Wireless > Wireless Security

    How to Change tp-link Password
    Click the Wireless security to Change tp-link Wifi Password
Change tp-link password - tp-link - easy guide - 100% - Top Guide
Here you will see the Wireless Password and also we can change the tp-link password for here

Step 5. After clicking it you will be able to see your Wifi Password and also you can change it from here

  • However, after resting your Wifi password, just scroll down to the end and press the save button to Change the tp-link Wifi Password completely

    How to recover tp-link wifi password in just easy steps
    Finally, just click the save button to change the tp-link wifi password


There are tons of best ways to change your tp-link Wifi Password but this was the easiest and quick way to change tp-link Wifi Password. With this guide, you do not have to reboot your router, Hope you have found this article helpful!

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