Best Way to Uninstall Microsoft Store on windows 10

How to disable or delete Microsoft store completely from windows 10. So, in this article, we are going to step by step guide you on The Easiest and Best Way to Uninstall Microsoft Store from windows 10, which will work 100% all the time. However, Read the complete article carefully!

Microsoft store

Microsoft Store which is formerly known as Windows Store. Basically, the Microsoft store is a place where you can download all your favorite games directly to your windows and other OS. This software for gamers but you can also use it to search for apps, books, movies, TV shows, and hardware. Microsoft store got over 6 million applications in 2015 and now it has about 10 million users. Microsoft is the platform where you download apps and games but it is not so popular at the time.

People don’t like the Microsoft store because it is an app or a platform where you can download apps and games and a lot of time it fails while doing its task. Downloads will cut out halfway through, with useless errors. However, it will happen without any explanations. So, it might be the problem you want it to uninstall. Just follow the below guide to Uninstall Microsoft Store on windows 10.

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Best Way to Uninstall Microsoft Store on windows 10

First thing first, open the Windows Power Shell 

  • To do this go to the Start Menu and search for it
  • Right-click on it then press the Run as administer. then click Yes 

    delete with Windows Power Shell
    Right-click and select Run as administrator

Step 2. Open the list of applications on it, and find Windows Microsoft Store

  • Here you will need to type get-appxpackage -allusers and tap the enter button
  • To find the Microsoft Store is to search for it and you can search it by right-clicking on the top of its bar then select the Edit option from the menu.

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 get rid of Microsoft store in few easy steps
Find the search bar in Windows Power Shell
  • After opening it, type “microsoft.windowsstore” on the search bar then click the Find Next button

Step 3. Copy and paste the PackageFullName 

  • To do that find the PackageFullName from the menu and then highlight it to copy(Cntrl-C)

    How to Uninstall Microsoft Store on windows 10 without any app
    Copy it and paste at last with the following guide
  • Finally, Type “remove-appxpackage” and remember to give a space after pasting the PackageFullName. However, after giving a space just paste it which you have copied earlier.

    Uninstall Microsoft Store on windows 10
    Finally, just tab the enter button to complete your request
  • Click the enter button to complete your request

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This was step by step guide tutorial to get rid of Microsoft Store completely! This method will work pretty much all the time and situations just make sure you have opened the Power shell correctly. To check that: see for the first line there should be written \Windows\system32 Or something like that.

However, make sure to write the same thing in Windows Power Shell, or else you can face any kind of difficulties. Moreover, you can also just copy and paste it. After following this guide you will be succeeded to Uninstall Microsoft Store on Windows 10 without any application.

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